Barnton & Frodsham Angling Club has a history going back for over sixty years. It controls the fishing  rights over three pools and a stretch of the River Weaver at Anderton  NaturePark and two small pools in the Cheshire countryside. The Club  also owns a three-acre pool near the village of Whitley. 

We run an extensive programme of matches for senior members  throughout  the season, the matches for the juniors are mainly in the summer  months. The junior matches are invaluable to young novice anglers as  there is  always help and advice on hand for those struggling to catch.  The junior Xmas  match offers prizes to every participant whether or not they manage to catch  fish ! azzas turtleThe club, as do angling clubs in general, contributes to the  environment, when undertaking work to prevent silting of their waters,  thus  preserving habitats for wildlife that may otherwise be lost. Over the years a  substantial number of trees  and water plants have been planted by the club, and  again as a  by-product of our activities, wildlife habitats have been enhanced. As a result the areas in and around our waters are home to a  variety of  birds, insects, amphibians and small mammals. There is even a  terrapin  which has been living in one of our pools for a number of years. Not   native wildlife perhaps but nevertheless the subject of a good deal of  interest  when he (?) appears!

Car Parking at the Cisterns in Anderton Nature Park

To clarify an item in the 2014 Newsletter: The nearby Anderton Lift car park is a Council-run


and members who leaves their vehicle there must purchase a parking ticket from one of the nearby ticket machines.

This ticket has to be displayed, in view, within the car as instructed.

Be aware that this car park is closed and locked each evening – check the local signs for the closure time.


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