Cheshire West & Chester Council issues the key that is needed to open the  barrier across the roadway that leads to the car parking areas adjacent  to the Cisterns and the barrier and gate across the path that goes down  to the Clubs stretch of the River Weaver. 
Currently, the Council charges 10 for a key, (this sum is refunded by the Council if the key is later returned)

To apply for a key write to:
Business Support (Winsford)
Cheshire West & Chester Council,
Facilities Office
Wyvern House

Please request a copy of the Anderton Nature Park  fisherman's car park access key, which is characterised  with a white plastic dot.
When  applying for a copy of  this key a Club member must provide Business Support with the following:
A photo-copy of their current membership card,
  A contact telephone number Proof of address (such as a photo-copy of a recent Gas or Electricity bill)
Also enclose a cheque for £10 made payable to Cheshire West and Chester Council. 

Should you need to speak to a Council employee, telephone 01606 271506 during  weekday office hours and ask for a member of the Business Support Team.


Cheshire West & Chester Council,

Business Support (Winsford)

Facilities Office

Wyvern House



Or: telephone the appropriate office on 01606271740 (during weekday office hours of 9am to 5pm.

Or: email to

NOTE: that when a Club member applies for a key for Anderton Nature he/she  will be asked to provide the Council with the following information:

A photo-copy of their current membership card,

A contact telephone number

Proof of address (such as a photo-copy of a recent Gas or Electricity bill)

How to apply for Club Membership in 2021/2022

New memberships can now be purchased in one of two ways:


  • By post:
  • If you wish to apply for membership of the Club by post complete a 2020/2021 Membership Application form, (a copy of which can be copied from this website), and return it together with a cheque or postal order - made payable to ‘Barnton & Frodsham AC’ - for the appropriate amount and a **DL-size stamped addressed envelope (size 220mm x 110mm) to:
  •  Barnton & Frodsham AC
  • P.O. Box 297
  • Northwich
  • CW8 4XX
  • By prior arrangement with Pat Colgan, (the Club’s Maintenance Manager).
  • Membership can be purchased from Pat Colgan by  first telephoning him on 07758465382 to arrange to meet at Heesom’s Pool, Raddel Lane, Higher Whitley, WA4 4EE.
  • Please note that:
  • Individuals who wish purchase membership from Pat must not fish on any of the Club’s waters until after they have been issued with a current membership card
  • That the fees for memberships bought from him have to be paid for in the exact   amount of cash.



Covid-19: Relaxation of national lockdown restrictions on angling from the 29th March, 2021.


The Angling Trust has announced that the Government has agreed to a relaxation of the restrictions on angling in England starting from Monday, 29th March 2021.


How this affects fishing on Barnton & Frodsham A.C.’s waters:

  • Pleasure fishing is still allowed on all of the Club’s waters during the national lockdown EXCEPT on the Club’s length of the River Weaver in Anderton Nature Park. The River remains closed to fishing until 16th June 2021 because of the EA’s rules relating to the Closed Season on rivers in England.
  • Gathering limits: Members can go pleasure fishing on any of on the Club’s waters on their own or with up to another 5 members of their own household/ support bubble or members of one other household/support bubble providing that those who are fishing are current members of Barnton & Frodsham Angling Club.
  • Overnight fishing on the Club’s waters:
  • The Government has ruled that from the 29th March there are no time limits on outdoor recreation and exercise and that such activity may take place at night.
  • Therefore, members may fish into or through the night providing that they do so in accordance with the Club’s Rules which state:
  • Rule 3c1 - No member may be present for more than 24 hours in any 48-hour period on the following Club waters: Junior Cistern, Middle Cistern, Top Cistern, Eden’s Pool and the River Weaver at Anderton.
  • Rule 3c2 - There is NO LIMIT placed on the length of time a member may be present on Heesom’s Pool
  • Match fishing: Match fishing will be allowed as an organised outdoor sport from March 29th. Consequently, the Club’s forthcoming match programme will take place as detailed on the 2021/2022 Match List.
  • (Note: Organised outdoor sports will not be subject to the gathering limit, but they must be organised and run in a Covid-secure manner).
  • When fishing during this lockdown members must adhere to the Government’s strict social distancing rules. Therefore, when at any of the Club’s waters members must, at all times, keep a distance of at least 2 metres from other individuals except for members of the same household or members of their support bubble.

Also, the revised Government guidance asks that people should try to minimise travel outside of their local area and should avoid travelling further than is reasonably necessary in order to go fishing.