Cheshire West & Chester Council issues the key that is needed to open the  barrier across the roadway that leads to the car parking areas adjacent  to the Cisterns and the barrier and gate across the path that goes down  to the Clubs stretch of the River Weaver. 
Currently, the Council charges £10 for a key, (this sum is refunded by the Council if the key is later returned)

To apply for a key write to:
Business Support (Winsford)
Cheshire West & Chester Council,
Facilities Office
Wyvern House

Please request a copy of the Anderton Nature Park  fisherman's car park access key, which is characterised  with a white plastic dot.
When  applying for a copy of  this key a Club member must provide Business Support with the following:
A photo-copy of their current membership card,
  A contact telephone number Proof of address (such as a photo-copy of a recent Gas or Electricity bill)
Also enclose a cheque for £10 made payable to Cheshire West and Chester Council. 

Should you need to speak to a Council employee, telephone 01606 271506 during  weekday office hours and ask for a member of the Business Support Team.


Cheshire West & Chester Council,

Business Support (Winsford)

Facilities Office

Wyvern House



Or: telephone the appropriate office on 01606271740 (during weekday office hours of 9am to 5pm.

Or: email to

NOTE: that when a Club member applies for a key for Anderton Nature he/she  will be asked to provide the Council with the following information:

A photo-copy of their current membership card,

A contact telephone number

Proof of address (such as a photo-copy of a recent Gas or Electricity bill)

Angling Trust Angling Improvement Fund award

for the installation of anchored, ‘floating island’ fish refuges

at Heesom’s Pool

To provide some protection against cormorant predation for the fish stock in in those areas of Heesom’s Pool where it is difficult to get access from the bankside, the Committee decided in August 2017 to install ‘floating island fish refuges’. On the surface these anchored structures look like small islands covered in vegetation. But underneath each is a 2 metre x 1 metres mesh fish refuge.

The Club’s project for the purchase and installation of a number of these fish refuges has been supported by an award from the Angling Trust’s ‘Angling Improvement Fund’. This Fund can provide financial assistance to member organisations for fisheries improvement projects and activities. It is administered by the Angling Trust and supported by the Environment Agency which allots finances for the fund from its sale of Rod Licences.

In September 2017 Roy Garton, on behalf of the Club, submitted an application to the Angling Trust for a grant from its Angling Improvement Fund. The maximum amount that an individual organisation could apply for was £5,000 and these grants were to be awarded to just 20 schemes nationally. Those organisations applying were advised to match any grant awarded with their own funding. I am happy to report that Roy’s application was successful and the Club has been allocated an Angling Trust award of £4,900. This sum will be matched from the club funds and the total amount will be used for the purchase and installation of floating island fish refuges at Heesom’s Pool from a company called ‘Aquamaintain’.


Fish Refuges in Heesom’s Pool

The level of cormorant predation at Heesom’s Pool first increased significantly during the winter of 2014/15 and the number of these birds on this water was at an unprecedented level in the winter of 2015/16

In order to address this problem, in 2016 and 2017 Pat Colgan, (the Club’s Maintenance Manager), and Roy Garton, (our Health, Safety and Fisheries Officer), held a number of on-site meetings with experts from the Angling Trust  and the Environment Agency to discuss ways of protecting the Pool’s fish from these birds. Pat and Roy were told that it will be impossible to give 100% protection to this fishery because of the large numbers of cormorants that roost during the winter months on the Mersey Estuary, within easy flying distance of mid-Cheshire. However, some fish protection methods were suggested and in the spring of 2016 the Club’s Committee decided that a number of fish refuges should be built and placed in suitable areas around Heesom’s Pool

Over the last 18 months Pat Colgan and Phil Hawkins have spent much of their time building and installing such refuges. These are constructed of six circles of sheep wire mesh held together by cable ties to form a rectangular shape of about 3 metres by 2 metres with a height of 1 metre. The size of the holes in the mesh varies from 10 cm square to 30 cm x 20 cm.  The refuges have been filled with tree branches and their tops covered by a strong black weed control fabric. A spar was inserted through each refuge so that the Club’s excavator could be used to place them at the desired location.

To date, fourteen of these fish refuges have been put into Heesom’s Pool – (eight along the right hand bank and six on the left hand side) - and more are under construction. Unfortunately, there is a limit to where they can be placed as some areas of the Pool are not accessible to the excavator.



            refuge heesoms pool 2             refuge heesoms pool 3            

How to apply for Club Membership in 2019

New memberships can now be purchased in one of two ways.

By post:

If you wish to apply for membership of the Club by post,  please complete a 2019/2020 Membership Application form* and return it together with a cheque or postal order - made payable to ‘Barnton & Frodsham AC’ - for the appropriate amount and a **DL-size stamped addressed envelope (size 220mm x 110mm) to:

Barnton & Frodsham AC

P.O. Box 297




*A copy of the  2019/2020 Membership Application form can be copied from this website.

By prior arrangement with Pat Colgan, (the Club’s Maintenance Manager).

Membership can be purchased from Pat Colgan by  first telephoning him on 07758465382 to arrange to meet at Heesom’s Pool, Raddel Lane, Higher Whitley, WA4 4EE.

Please note that:

Individuals who wish purchase membership from Pat must not fish on any of the Club’s waters until after they have been issued with a current membership card

That the fees for memberships bought from him have to be paid for in the exact   amount of cash.


New fish stock for Heesom’s Pool

On Thursday, 7th March, 2019, approximately 2,500 roach of between 4 and 6 inches in length together with 500 skimmer bream of 6 to 8 inches were put into Heesom’s Pool.


 roach skimmer


Installation of fish refuges in the Junior Cistern


A Working Party was held on Sunday, 12th May 2019 which installed 4 fish refuges in the Junior Cistern. Each refuge is topped by a ‘floating island which will be planted-up later in the season with 150 3inch-square pots of Flag Irises. Roy Garton is currently growing these plants on until they reached the required size.

The following people attended this Working Party:

Roy Garton, Peter Leicester, Peter Robinson, Peter Wilkinson, Martin Van Winsum, Paul Dean and Roger Dunn.

My thanks go out to these seven Club members for the time and hard work that they put in to build and install these refuges.


David Carroll



2019 Annual General Meeting


Members are reminded that the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Barnton & Frodsham A.C. will be held on Monday, 11th November in the Lounge Bar of Barnton Cricket Club starting at 7.00pm.


In accordance with the Club’s Constitution:

  • propositions for this AGM,
  • the nomination of candidates for election as Officers of the Club, (including the vacant post of Secretary), and
  • the nomination of candidates for election as non-Executive members of the Committee,
  • must be in writing, signed by both a proposer and a seconder, (who are current Senior or OAP members of the Club), and be with the Chairman no later than Tuesday, 15th October, 2019. 


Those members who attend must have their current Barnton & Frodsham A.C. membership card with them as they may be requested to produce this proof of membership.


Phil Hawkins.


(Chairman, Barnton & Frodsham A.C.)