Car Parking at the Cisterns in Anderton Nature Park

To clarify an item in the 2014 Newsletter: The nearby Anderton Lift car park is a Council-run


and members who leaves their vehicle there must purchase a parking ticket from one of the nearby ticket machines.

This ticket has to be displayed, in view, within the car as instructed.

Be aware that this car park is closed and locked each evening – check the local signs for the closure time.

Barnton & Frodsham Angling Club has a history going back for over seventy years. It controls the fishing rights over three pools and a stretch of the River Weaver at Anderton Nature Park and two small pools in the Cheshire countryside. The Club also owns a four-acre pool near the village of Whitley.

Dscf0001The Club, as do angling clubs in general, contributes to the environment, by undertaking work to maintain its fisheries and preserve habitats for wildlife that may otherwise be lost. Over the years a substantial number of trees and water plants have been planted by the Club, and again as a by-product of our activities, wildlife habitats have been enhanced. As a result the areas in and around our waters are home to a variety of birds, insects, amphibians and small mammals. An extensive programme of matches is held for the Club’s members throughout the season.


If you have any queries about the Club, please email them to:

BAFAC awarded a grant from Angling Trust Improvement Fund

 for fish refuges project

Malicious Criminal Damage to Club Equipment at Heesom’s Pool

The dumper truck owned by the Club that is used at Heesom’s Pool has been subjected to an act of malicious criminal damage at some time during the period 23rd to 28th July, 2018.

Specifically, someone has filled both its engine and fuel tank with sand and grit.

Pat Colgan has spent many hours trying to clean out the fuel system and engine, but the dumper is beyond repair. The cost of a replacing it is likely to be in the region of £5,000 to £6,000.

At this time, no significant work can be carried out at the Pool and this includes putting well-rotted horse manure into the water which provides microscopic life to feed the fish stock and the fry as well as colouring-up the water.

Also, the completion of the work to create shallow areas in the Pool,  - (which was recommended by experts from both the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust and which was nearly at an end), -  will now be delayed until the summer of 2019 or even later.

If anyone has any information about this incident then please speak to Pat, me or any other member of the Committee.

Should the Committee obtain proof of who did this act of vandalism then the person or persons concerned:

  • Will be reported to the police without delay
  • Will be the subject of a claim for damages for the replacement cost of a dumper
  • Will face disciplinary action by the Committee which may result in their immediate expulsion from the Club and the implementation of a life-long ban.
  • I say to the person/s that did this act of moronic vandalism that your actions were both uncalled for and cowardly.

If you are a member of this Club then you are a disgrace!

John Morrison



Reporting information concerning the criminal damage to Club’s dumper truck at Heesom’s Pool

Should you have any information about this crime then please report it to ‘Crimestoppers’ on telephone number 0800 555 111 and quote Cheshire Constabulary’s unique reference for this incident which is CRN 18100237119.

This line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can call it to pass on relevant information anonymously.

David Carroll